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Hells Legion Apllication Empty Hells Legion Apllication

Post  hells legion on Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:18 pm

Real Name: Arjan
Age: 16
TRPK Name: Hells Legion
How long have you been playing TRPK: 8 Months

Post a picture of your Hybrid Gear/Setup: Don't know how to send pics, but I use mage book, ancient staff, full ahrims, climbing boots, sara cape. And melee arm is: Dh legs + Dh body and torso. Dds and whip. Climbing boots, firecape.
Post a picture of your Tank Gear/Setup: Karil top, dh legs, toraq helm, crossbow, dfs, dbow, fire cape, ranger\dboots.
Post a picture of your Tb Gear/Setup: Ahrims, master wand, Spectral shield, 3rd age mage hat, sara cape, infinity boots.

Post a picture, that shows that you have Ts and Skype: Got none
Do you have any problems with any TC members: Nope
Who are your referrals: /
Do you have a fine working microphone: Buying one soon.
Etc. (Anything else you would like to mention?) I know most of the people in this. I have another account named Epictoyz and I used to d claw pk with Hackney.

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